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Equatorial Guinea – Press Release


Equatorial Guinea’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Guillermina Mekuy: “Miss Tourism is a major international showcase”

As we are about to start the celebration of this important international event, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism receives www.guineaecuatorialpress.com. Mba Mekuy recalls the great media coverage of this event, which is a huge showcase for the tourism and image of Equatorial Guinea since, among other things, it will be broadcast live on television around the world.

This year Malabo is to host another great international event, Miss Tourism, whose main aim is tourism – one of the most important economic activities for any country and a key sector for the Government of Equatorial Guinea, which is committed to promoting its territory increasingly as a tourist destination, and in the future, tourism is one of the primary keys of the national economy.

The choice of Malabo to host the celebration in this year is an exceptional story that will make the capital of Equatorial Guinea the centre of international attention. For this reason, the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Guillermina Mekuy Mba, welcomes us into her office to offer comprehensive information on this event. The highlight will be on October 12th, also a national holiday.

On that date the winner will be chosen on a final to be held in the Palace Sipopo Conference, and will be broadcast to the world through numerous television networks. Guillermina Mekuy stresses the great importance of this event: “It is selling the beauty and image of our country. What we want is to use a very important event and media like this to raise awareness of Equatorial Guinea. Its development and its beauty, for export for tourism. Nor should we forget that we will have, in addition, the presence of a sixty representatives from different countries, which will also then be ambassadors of Equatorial Guinea, for take our picture to their respective countries”.

Indeed, the event this year involves the representatives of nearly sixty nations around the world, including Australia, USA, Slovenia, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain and Portugal. The vast majority of contestants are already warming up at the Hotel Sofitel in Sipopo, where they will reside for the majority of their stay. They will also tour across the country, allowing them to know the depths of our geography. The Minister told us that the girls will visit the most important places: Sipopo, Moka, Luba, Batete Mbini Mongomo and Corisco.

For the implementation of an event of this size, the Government of Equatorial Guinea and especially the Department of Culture and Tourism are actively working in coordination with the organisation of the event, whose leaders arrived weeks ago. “It is important to note also that the final will be in Sipopo and will be broadcast live both on national television and for television around the world,” also states the minister. “So, this is a wonderful and unique opportunity for everyone to know what it is, at present in Equatorial Guinea.”

Information and Press Bureau of Equatorial Guinea